We all know that brakes and braking systems are one the most important safety aspects of vehicles. Proper working breaks not only allow you to stop your vehicle in a safe and timely manner, but they can also help you avoid accidents by bringing you to an abrupt stop. But only if they are in good condition and working properly! All too often, problems with brakes or the braking system go unnoticed.

Here are a few signs that your brakes may need either inspection, repair or replacement:

Poor Breaking Performance:

Poor breaking performance means that it is becoming difficult to stop your vehicle and can occur for a number of reasons. Most often we find that the brake pads have heated to a point where they harden and are no longer effective in efficiently stopping the vehicle. This often occurs because of overuse due to riding breaks, poor maintenance, or excessive panic stops.

You can also suffer from poor breaking performance if you have grease or oil soaked breaks. This can occur from a leak in the vehicles axle or front differential which can cause grease or oil  from these parts to spill or leak onto the brakes.

Grinding Or Squealing Noises:

Squealing or grinding of the brakes is usually in indication of worn brakes pads or shoes.

Grabbing Or Pulling to One Side:

This can occur for many reasons including leaking fluids from a broken line, poor brake adjustment, frozen brake, or a frozen emergency brake cable.

Pulsating Brake Pedal:

This is usually caused by normal heat and wear of the brakes. Heat and wear can cause  the brake drum or rotor to warp. This will then cause the brake pedal to feel like it is pulsating when pressure is applied.


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